. . . without you, Lord!

I do not believe in coincidences, i believe in God-instances, so when I read “nothing can separate you from my love” this morning, I knew it was not by calendar or by chance. Like Peter, my response was also “Lord, you KNOW. ..” and He does, but HE made me reread it a time or two and as I write this I am just now catching the significance.

When I feel completely robed in His love, none of my shortcomings or failures, or challenges weigh me down or scare me, but at 2am, they woke me up in fear. I prayed and got back to sleep but was disappointed in myself for having misplaced His peace. “Will I ever get it right?”

On my own? NEVER. BUT I was reminded of the words of assurance that “nothing can separate you from my love” and so when fear and trembling come I will repeat those words until my heart and mind are one! JOIN ME!

holding hands


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