December 19, 2015

 angel wings

Is it just the breeze

Or the brush of angel’s wings

Which refresh my soul

And bring me such peace?


By Martha L Shaw ©12-19-2015

His Garden

December 18, 2015

The gate was open.

I could feel the gentle breeze beckoning me.

I heard the choir sing.

Were they birds or angels . . .

it mattered not.

The beauty of His grace at once

brought me rest and excited me!

I stepped inside . . .

By Martha L Shaw – ©12-18-2015




December 18, 2015

I am on vacation and am finding the GPS does NOT always direct me as I wish it would.   ‘Recalculate!” Seems, though, that I often trust the device more than the Lord when it comes to following . . .


His pathways are often unclear, yet I wind up blessed if I trust Him and walk with Him.  My GPS aka “Fred” often leads me astray.  Drama!  Who needs it?



DRAMA: any situation or series of events

having vivid, emotional, conflict

GOD’S GRACE: His unmerited favor.

The choice of which path to choose is ours!


December 10, 2015

Jesus sat around the campfire with thieves, murderers, and other down trodden, smelly “low life” folks. He loved them and their lives changed. He set the example we are to follow. As we celebrate His birth, let us be born anew as well! – Martha L Shaw




December 7, 2015


When you hold a balloon in the palm of your hand it is a tiny small thing. Seems unlikely that if I toss it from my bedroom window that it could drench my kid sisters with water, yet when used, that balloon becomes “enough” to serve my purpose . . . faith is like that.


I find myself praying for more faith yet last night when the question “what is faith” was asked at study group, the Spirit spoke to me saying “Faith is trust in action.” Like that small balloon, my small bit of faith “is enough” for Jesus to use for His purpose . . . if I trust Him. Martha L Shaw




How Can I Do Christmas When . .

December 5, 2015

. . . this is all I have to give?

broken hearted


It’s the best gift of all!  

It Began Like Every Other Day . . . But Then

December 5, 2015


A simple peasant girl

Answered yes

To a question

Which surely shocked her

And the world was changed


Thanks, Mary.

By Martha L Shaw – ©12-23-2013

Can You Hear It?

December 1, 2015

The silence has wings

And I feel the gentle breeze

As they flutter near to me.

My heart hears a sweet song

And my soul dances

With joy.


By Martha L Shaw ©12-1-2015


angel wings


December 1, 2015


I cry out

While you hold me close.

Yet I,

So blinded by my own fear,

Am unaware of the miracle

Of your nearness.

The gift is mine.

I have only to choose to receive it.

Be mine.

By Martha L Shaw ©12-1-2015

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