Play with words (creativity exercise)

LOVE THIS! Great outlook on life and great exercise!

Business in Rhyme


I’ve always been criticized by my family members and friends, that I’m at times childish and how everything I want to turn into a game. Well, in my opinion life can be dull enough and by adding some playfulness into it – is my way of getting a sun shine in my dark days: which of course doesn’t mean that I take life lightheartedly and that I’m not serious when situation requires. On the contrary! I just think that through gamification and playfulness we can learn with ease, soften the tension when some problems arise and is actually a great tool for brainstorming (about which I will write in some of my future posts).

But for today’s exercise let’s just play with words. I will suggest couple of ways  – you can add your own or alter this suggestions according to your preference. Below are written couple of words:

sky                               table    …

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