Tasting Tuesday: Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Aged White Cheddar

Yum! Must try!

The Love Bungalow

Yay! We’ve made it to spring! Spring means bright colors and lemon cakes and beautiful salads. It’s been super random weather in Indianapolis lately and I never seem to know what to wear or if I should carry an umbrella. I’ve started resorting to simply throwing on a whole bunch of clothes and adjusting layers, as needed.

I’ve been saying “good-bye” to winter months and warm recipes with a few flavorful soups. I felt I was just getting into them as the weather started to brighten and I wanted a few more tries to master my craft. My prior definition of soup was either vegetable or bean, so I’m so proud of myself practicing a few “upgrades.”

I made this soup a couple weeks ago with equipment assistance from my sister (who kept eating all the roasted cauliflower!) and chopping help from Husband. Yes, it has several steps, but it…

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