your love is like

Sights and Scents of Love

“Ew”  someone said,

but it was not me.

For I had learned

the greatest love

doesn’t smell like flowers!

By Martha L Shaw – ©  5-21-2015 Words and Image

What does love really look like? I’ve seen it in a man who has sweat dripping from his face, his hair and a wrinkled tee shirt,  all because he mowed and raked my lawn on a hot SC summer day last year.  I have seen it in the empty wallet of someone who spent their last buying a gift to lift my grieving spirits.  I’ve seen it in the grubby sneakers of an  overworked priest who gave up some of his little free-time on his day off to visit me when I was in crisis.   I could go on and will in a  longer feature coming soon, but I noticed that these eyes of mine must surely be blind for missing the most poignant images of love  and not one item in this post speaks of sex or body shape or . . . reality is so much better than what is pictured on magazine covers!  LOOK FOR IT!


3 Responses to GET REAL!

  1. God is love…and when we spend time with him everyday…a little more of His love drops into our hearts and we are awed by Him. Great post sister!

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  2. so true… expressions of true love are often in gestures and acts we take for granted, thanks for sharing


  3. Thank you for sharing this Martha…beautiful examples of the reflection of real love!

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