Standing by the door

I thought of stern faces from yesteryear

and almost walked away.


a pleasant sound was heard!

Opening the new door,

rows and rows of faithful,





welcoming faces met my gaze!

A sudden glowing hush,

a procession lining up,

the organ sounded!

I knew I was home!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2016


11 Responses to EASY DECISION

  1. That is precisely how I felt when I returned to church for the first time in so many years. I’m home! Blessings, Martha!

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  2. lindamowles says:

    Beautiful, Martha. What a beautiful way of describing the congregation of the faithful to our Lord. We are family, and our gathering together should feel like home, but sadly, it often does not. Thanks for writing this beautiful tribute.

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  3. I love being at church too. Thank you for following my new blog. I’d appreciated your prayers, dear Martha 🙂

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