Just Dance!

just dance

I saw the others in the room

dancing to a tune I could not hear.

I stood aside,

I watched and sighed.



They seemed to share a joy

I didn’t know.

They seemed to know a love

I didn’t feel.

I waited in lonely silence.

Then, I could wait no more.

With awkward steps

I left my hiding place

And followed.

At first my steps

Were slow and few

But then it happened!

I began to hear the music, too!

The more I danced,

The less I considered my shaky feet

For I had found something else.

I discovered joy!

By Martha L Shaw – © 6-25-2014


12 Responses to TO HEAR YOU MUST LISTEN!

  1. Advanced Research Technology says:

    And that’s the way it happens. 🙂

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  2. Alheri says:

    Lovely poem!

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  3. Oh Truly beautiful , really beautiful

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  4. I love this poem 🙂


  5. This is my favorite poem that I’ve read by you.

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  6. This is beautiful, Martha. You also have a fantastic blog. I’m looking forward to following your posts 🙂

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