Dead At Twenty Two




Until  this morning, I had never heard of Christina Grimmie. She had been a singer on “The Voice” in a previous season. Last night, following a concert, when was signing autographs and merchandise, a man in line walked up and shot her. Dead. According to various news reports, although her brother tackled the shooter, he fatally shot himself. Dead.

As  you know this is not a political blog . It is not an anti-this or anti-that blog. It has a mission statement that is very simple: Introduce people to Jesus.

During my talk with God this morning, I asked Him what could I do? I asked him what could we do? As Dan reminds us to be still and quiet, I waited for God’s answer. His whisper: pray.

What I love about this community is we have people at various stages on their walk of faith. From those taking their first steps…

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2 Responses to Dead At Twenty Two

  1. What a pity and a waste of young life.

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  2. Morgan says:

    so very very sad 😦


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