He NEVER Lets Go!

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Like the earth around me,

Often seems hard,



Where is the rain?

Where is the fruit for which I hunger?


But when you squeeze my hand;

I am reminded that I walk this path

Not alone but with you.


I am enchanted!

The Light in your eyes

Illuminates my world anew.

I hear you  . . . I see you . . .

in the flora and fauna . . .

in all that surrounds me.

How could I have failed to see?

These human eyes,

Why do they betray me?

As I gaze into yours,

I see myself

Changed by your love.

I am captivated by the opportunities

Suddenly my own,

By the beauty you’ve laid before me.

I wonder,

How could I so long have missed it?

By Martha L Shaw  – words and pictures © 3-2-2013

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8 Responses to He NEVER Lets Go!

  1. Morgan says:

    beautiful 🙂

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  2. Our vision for God is often blinded by our understanding of evil. We were never meant to hold evil in our minds but as we do we lose sight of the One who is all good even though He is still there. It is one of the greatest tragedies of the fall from grace.

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  3. Advanced Research Technology says:

    By beholding we become changed… the secret to co-creation.

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