Please Pray!

Join us in prayer for these people!

Men of One Accord

The wife of our worship leader was hit by a motorcycle Saturday morning while she was crossing the street. The motorcycle was doing about sixty miles per hour throwing into the air over the top of the motorcycle leaving in critical condition. Her name is Rachel and my wife and her are very close friends and we have been at the hospital most of the past weekend. Also pray for her husband Rick in dealing with this accident he saw it happen and needs God to flood him with peace.

Thank you my Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus our Healer.

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5 Responses to Please Pray!

  1. Dear Heavenly father I lift rick and his wife up to you Lord, I pray that his wife recovers without long term injury’s and I pray for peace to come upon Rick as he stays by his wife’s side during her time of need in your precious name Lord amen.

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  2. Morgan says:

    OH MY…prayers ascending!

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  3. Dehan Taylor says:

    Oh My ….I shuddered when I read this because I know exactly how it feels being a victim myself.
    I pray for her speedy recovery and I know the Lord will comfort her family.


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