When We Call


Life is filled with challenges and during times of extreme challenge, loud noise, and darkness nearly everywhere, I find the need to use everything I’ve got to find symbolic reminders of the presence of the Lord with me.  Window trim can resemble a cross . . . flowers become kisses from God, the shape of a triangle brings thoughts of the Holy Trinity – Father Son, and Holy Spirit.  I think this is why I, one who tries not to be confined to a mold or form, find the Nonet poetry form so appealing:  In this form, the poem has 9 lines. The first contains 9 syllables then each line is reduced by 1 ending with a single syllable for the last line!  Have fun with it!

Glory – A Nonet

The house has suddenly grown quiet.

It seems at last the storm has gone.

Dark clouds of despair faded.

The puddles in their wake

Sparkle like the sun

And so do I.




By Martha L Shaw – © 7-25-2013


3 Responses to SHINE LIKE THE SUN!

  1. Brenda says:

    A beautiful post with an equally beautiful poem. I will have to try this form 💜

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  2. What an inspiring poem and post. Thank you.


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