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I had teachers who changed my life in powerful ways the lesson never spoke of! The teacher who wrote this is one of God’s special servants!

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I am not the kind of piano teacher that raises prodigies. If a video of one of my students playing on the piano will ever get viral, it’ll be because they’re really cute, not because they are virtuoso.

For all my students, piano is just an extra activity to help them develop discipline and hopefully work on their math skills. Which is fine for me, since my specialty is composition, not piano…I’m all about the math. 😉

So at the end of the school year, next to their diplomas I handed out presents for them, as I always do. Getting presents is awesome and each present I give is very thought out and personalised.

I thought a lot about what to give them this year and I decided to frame these beautiful affirmation photos that I chose for each of my students. How important affirmations can be! How awesome it…

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6 Responses to I am Creative

  1. Brenda says:

    Beautiful gifts.😊

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  2. Ioana says:

    Oh, this made me a little emotional…thank you! 🙂

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