Within – A Loop Poem

I hunger for you.

You , present, is all I need.

Need I keep seeking?

Seeking to fill a void, but . . .

But perhaps the answer is here?

Here within me waiting to be set free . .  .

Free me to be myself . . .

Myself?  Oh, what is real?

Real?  It hides behind the wall .  . .

Wall, oh, wall do crumble and fall!

Fall oh do fall and reveal the secret hidden!

Hidden yet here all along is the answer!

Answer! How long I have waited for you!

You, oh Spirit intertwined with my own, now free!

Free!  Newborn!  Blessed!  Beloved!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2013


4 Responses to AH . . . FREEDOM!

  1. pawan says:

    amazing 😃

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  2. secretangel says:

    Beautiful! Free indeed!!

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  3. Advanced Research Technology says:

    Very good Martha. I like!

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