Old Books . . . Old Friends

The tattered pages

Speak of those who’ve gone before

Can you hear the whispers?

By Martha L Shaw ©2015 

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For lots of reasons, I find myself reading most books these days by ereader, yet still I adore old books and stores which feature them!  I love the sight, smell and feel of them, but there is something more!  I hear the voices of each soul who held, read, and loved the book before me.  Old books, old friends!



8 Responses to Old Books . . . Old Friends

  1. My daughter and I are going on a book crawl this month. It is her birthday present. We do mostly used book stores. She gets a certain amount to spend on books and I buy lunch. It is great father daughter time.

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  2. Laurie says:

    I have a nook as well as a nook ap on my phone. I do read a lot online, but my preference is books. I buy them and read free content online.

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  3. yes old book are old friends, because we learnt something, or something profound happened after reading the book

    lovely post

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