Rain Rain..Come Again!

I keep rereading this because it make me joyful! Got to share it!



the bright sky disappeared, making way for the black thick clouds, to radiate their warmth, the cool breeze said it all, putting a brake on my disturbed thoughts, trees started dancing with joy, as if waving their hands, welcoming the imminent, heralding the rain ! the dance of drizzling rain, started emptying people from the streets, all moving here and there,for a shelter! the undiscovered road side sheds suddenly discovered, found their worth! people adjusting their spaces, looked like ..a sight of peaceful co-existence! a glimpse of mutual love and bonhomie.. wow! though transitory.. the sweet aroma of soil in contact with rain, filled the air with the earthy fragrance, people indoors behind the windows overlooking rain, looked like 'prisoners of rain' from outside, two people walking on the road, with one umbrella over their heads, made me imagine the coziness, as if walking with my love by my side!…

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