Tell Me Something Good #15

Sharing blesses the giver! Here is what I shared:

A Facebook group I belong to was asked to pray for a woman with serious heart trouble. All the tests and xrays showed things clearly, but in the final prepping for surgery it became equally clear that our prayers were answered! She was COMPLETELY healed . . . prayer works! God desires us to be in relationship with Him. Please do!

A Momma's View

Tell me, how was your week? I hope it was a positive one. It’s time for focusing on something good again. I can’t tell you enough how much these Tell Me Something Good comments of yours make me smile. They actually give me lots of energy for the new week. So please keep it coming!

It would make me super happy if you would share the link to this on your blogs or write a post about something that made you feel especially good this week and link it back to this post. I think a lot of people need something positive to start off the week, especially after what was going on over the last week.

So why not make them come over and read lots of positive things or make them think about that one positive moment? Sometimes it truly only takes one thing to make you feel…

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4 Responses to Tell Me Something Good #15

  1. What an awesome testimony Martha!

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  2. Praise the Lord! I am so happy that she was healed! That is wonderful. 🙂


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