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You spoke to me Lord,
even when I would
not listen to you…

When I closed my ears
and my heart to your
word, you spoke to me

And it mattered not whether
my heart did not want to
listen to your word, it still
penetrated my soul

My mind tried to dissuade me
from the one thought, that you
were what my heart really needed

To be successful in all which
my hands would try to do,
because without You, true
success will flee

And my hardened heart was
made soft, by the cutting
edge of your very sharp sword

For Your living word now
separated the flesh from the
spirit, leaving my heart so
very assured

And I found you had cleansed
the temple, where my sinful
heart had always been…

While your Spirit entered
sitting down on its throne,
chasing away the last
remnants of any sin

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2 Responses to YOU SPOKE TO ME

  1. Morgan says:

    Its such a Blessing when you hear the Spirit’s voice loud and clear 🙂 I am hearing it this morning. Always seems to happen just when you need it most, too 🙂 AMEN!

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