We often shake out heads and mutter “oh, the world today . . . ”  or the other phrase, “these kids today . . . ”  I think,and the Bible urges, that we MUST be like the children to positively change the world . . .

Grandma read a book to her littlest granddaughter, then this conversation started:

Child: Grandma. I’m beige.
Grandma: I guess so.
Child: You’re beige too.
Grandma: Yep
Child: Grandpa is dark beige.
Grandma: Yep. People come in all different colors.
Child: Like bears. Right?
Grandma: Right.
Child: But they’re still all bears.
Grandma: Yes they are.


Thanks, Grandma Gerrie!

9 Responses to TINY TEACHER . . . “STILL A BEAR!”

  1. They are still bears irrespective of their colour


  2. Isn’t it true! They are friendly to everyone also. When my daughter was 4 years old, I took her to visit my parents in Hong Kong. She said “hi” to everyone on the bus. People stared at her with no expression. She asked, “Mom, how come they didn’t say ‘hi’.” (sigh!)

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  3. […] number.  I love children and the ones I listen to give me hope for the future.  This is my second tiny teacher post in two days . . . perhaps a series is […]

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  4. cherrishlife says:

    yes they do give hopes to grown ups if we can just pay close attention to them because they are great examples of what life is really all about..

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  5. cherrishlife says:

    Why do I find my self constantly rereading this and thinking? I asked my self.
    Than I remember about my high school days in Philly, I hated writing and I could never get questions like these answer correctly because my mind still think faster than I can write, any way
    kids aren’t born into nothing else but innocent human beings that are eager to learn because they look up to the older humans. It’s up to the grown ups to guide the innocent ones with patience, morals and common sense type of knowledge. If the children are the future of this world don’t it make much sense to teach them right? They only know what the older human beings has thought them, teaching theo and encouraging them on what to say and do.

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