To The Brother (Sister) In Need



  • send me your prayer request, see button above, it is confidential, or fill out the form below. only i get to see it, no risk of exposing to others
  • ask Jesus to put His song into your heart
  • do not worry, fret or panic
  • keep the faith
  • learn to trust
  • remain hopeful
  • do not sulk
  • do not moan
  • instead, praise His name, regardless
  • if you praise Him, he will make way
  • ask Him what you need to learn from this
  • also ask Him what He wants from the situation

let your suffering not be a wasted effort, use the pain as fertiliser to grow from here

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2 Responses to To The Brother (Sister) In Need

  1. AWETHENTIQ says:

    Thanks, Martha! 😘

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