Philippians 1:2a

“Grace be unto you, and peace…”

Traveling with Paul

“Grace be unto you, and peace…”

If I could have but two things in my life, these would be the two: Grace and Peace. What a wonderful way to start out a letter Paul immediately bestows upon the people of Philippi the two things that they need the most – and which we all need the most.

How do I greet people? Most of the time, we go about our daily lives and use the familiar greetings of the day. “Hello”. “How are you today”? “Good morning”. So simple, so right to the point. When was the last time you greeted someone with a blessing like this? What would their reaction be if you did? In most people’s mind, they would think you some type of religious fanatic if you went around saying “Grace and Peace to you”.

So how can we convey these two things in our modern world…

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  1. kingsoracle says:

    Grace and Peace to you dear Martha.

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