I turned off the highway

Onto a quiet country road

Thinking I knew where it went.

“He leads me . . .”

Surely this is the way home?

Fear set in.

I saw nothing familiar.

I saw no homes,

No shops.

I saw nothing.

“He leads me . . . “

Panic began to set in.

My phone wasn’t working.

Do I have enough gas?

I’m hungry and tired.

I want to go home.

Where am I?

“He leads me . . . “

My head hurt.

My hands started to shake.

I saw nothing . . .

“He leads me . . . “

I pulled over to the side of the road.

Glanced around,

Locked the doors,

Breathed deeply

And closed my eyes.

“He leads me . . . “

I took another slow, deep breath . . .


I realized I heard something.

I heard the movement of water

And opened my eyes to see a pond.

It was just yards from me

And a breeze caused the water

To make a musical sound.

I realized a chorus was singing

To the music

And looked to find birds in a nearby tree.

Looking to the other side

I saw fields of sunflowers

Smiling heavenward

On the sunny afternoon.

How could I have missed these

Driving along?



There was beauty everywhere.


I saw a nearly full tank

And realized I was in no hurry.

“He leads me . . . “

The gentle sounds and breeze

Comforted me

And I knew I wasn’t alone.

I was traveling a new path.

Home is where He is.

Together we slowly drove ahead.

I smiled with a thankful heart.

                   By Martha L Shaw – Copyright 2012


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  1. Very beautiful and reassuring! Thank you for posting this poem!

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