One of THOSE Days!

Having one of those days?  I am and I don’t like it!  DOES ANYONE?  But, really, the parrot woke me yelling rudely, messed up her cage, and then . . . and then. .  . Some days we sing upon waking, others ZING!

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Would it be so hard to be nice to me . . . seeing I am having a rough start to my day?  Why fire off a zinger . . . really!




5 Responses to One of THOSE Days!

  1. Wally Fry says:

    No zinger just peace

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  2. I hope your day gets better!!! ❤️

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  3. It’s just one of those days. Been there. Give it some time, it’ll get all better

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  4. lindamowles says:

    There are times when it is just a bad day and other times when it seems bad but then the Lord takes that situation and works wonders. If I can stop long enough to pray for wisdom and strength, my attitude changes and, while the mess is still there, it becomes different somehow! Blessings to you, even on a bad day!

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