And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[  Matt 22:39

There are so many sources for defining “stylish” for us and yet I see a world defined more by insecurity.  It may seem odd to some, but the verse from Matthew immediately came to mind as I considered this.  Does the length of my hair, my nails, or my nose define either my style or my ability to receive and share love?

It is no accident that the verse places equal  importance on loving our neighbors and self love!  I do not believe we can serve the Lord and reflect Him to others if we do not love all whom God created and this includes ourselves.  Obeying the verse above supersedes any suggestion or definition of “stylish” we are urged to reflect!




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  1. joanneeddy says:

    I totally agree. I have often reflected on this with women I have been counseling with. I think our world makes it hard in general for women to have confidence in and belief in themselves. I did a lot of work with battered women, who found this especially difficult, and yet it was incredibly healing if they could find that God loved them and so they could accept and love themselves. Thanks for bringing this verse out to be looked at. Jo

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