Daily Bread . . .

cuban bread

The Scent of Distraction

“There’s nothing I can do . . . “

Counting out cups of flour.

“How can I fix this mess I’m in . . . “

Measuring the salt,

Adding sugar.

“I’ve got nothing left . . . “

Sprinkling the yeast.

“It’s hopeless . . . “

Pounding the dough.

“I’m tired of feeling so . . . “

Noticing the scent filling the room.

“When will I ever . . . “

Absently placing the luscious loaves

On the counter.

“Hmmm . . .

Maybe a small slice . . .”

A little bit of butter  . . .

“Here, have one.  I made extra.”


Bread for today

He has plans for tomorrow . . .

“now, where was I?”

Off track

but now thankful!

By Martha L Shaw –© 2013-2016


  1. susieshy45 says:

    Wow ! Martha- loved it. I like the analogy too. Without our Daily word, what could we do ?

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    • Thanks! I would be lost! Blessings!

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      • susieshy45 says:

        Martha, I am reading through your old posts- there is so much wisdom there that I just have to go from post to post and sometimes I want to write something to let you know that even if they were written in 2011, those words still inspire. ( comments were disabled)
        As someone mentioned, your writings are like those in Our Daily Bread and even more.
        I am born a Christian and try to be a Christian in my daily life- my most difficult of problems is thinking ill of people, which I am sure counts as a cardinal sin. I ask for forgiveness, am sure am forgiven but do it all over again when next the chance comes. I have not often prayed about it but you inspire me to pray about it. I hope one day, this vice will leave me.
        Thank you, Martha.


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