As we approach Thanksgiving and our focus on giving thanks moves to the forefront where it belongs, I am reminded of my dearly departed best friend and sister in Christ, Becky.  So many stories to share, late night giggles, discoveries, problems solved over ice cream, and the 3 hour phone calls . . . but as soon as my eyes fell upon the word mythical, I thought of turkeys!

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As the story began, we chatted on the phone, Becky, my goddaughter Alice, and I.  Alice eagerly shared the tale of the mythical turkeys!  She and her folks had driven through the beautiful mountain roads to visit the grandparents  and in grandma’s neighborhood their journey was halted as a family of turkeys crossed the road.   When my friends reached their destination, they shared the turkey encounter and were told “never seen any wild turkeys around here!”

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Each time, from that visit on,they met the family of turkeys en route to grandma’s and she always responded that same way and called them “mythical turkeys.” Alice waited for the day grandma would finally see them, but the day never came.  There are NO mythical turkeys in NC, I assure you.  Upon my visit with my friends I SAW THE TURKEYS!   THEY ARE REAL!

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    Great story, Martha. Have a Happy Thanksgiving…with a real turkey!


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