You’re Invited To A Celebratory Meet And Greet Weekend!


I have over 1000 reasons to be grateful today and I’d like to extend my gratitude to you by hosting my first ever meet and greet!


This is a spur of the moment decision and I hope this meet and greet is successful and that you will enjoy yourself as well.

The rules are pretty simple:

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog in the comments section below.

  2. Grab a drink and share a link to your blog or a specific post you’ve written.

  3. You can share a link to someone else’s blog that you admire as well.

  4. Please reblog this post or spread the word via social media.

  5. The party will end at midnight on Sunday so you can check in from time to time.

  6. And most importantly, have fun!

Thank you for all your support.<3

Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off

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2 Responses to You’re Invited To A Celebratory Meet And Greet Weekend!

  1. Greetings blog website is to help in anyway to saving our world. I started just blogging with a mission in November 2011 and is a joy to serve a wonderful GOD . I have no idea what a website is fer but I’ve got one just in case I figure that part out. I used to b that man of constant sorrows but now thru Jesus joy abounds in my life.Recently opened a hen house n even have had dem eggs fragile as they are good. Mm MMM.Gettin 10 more hens to have 5he dozen a day then I’ll b set to giving way eggs too.My name is Bebo t. HOPE/ THE PASTOR /Cook n whitewashed Hobo Univercity’s Missions for Jesus. Come check out my website n thanks for the open house party. Even baked Christmas cookies they r good.
    Merry Christmas MS Shaw n a Happy. New Years.


  2. P.S.
    If I ever got. 1000 followers I hope one of email would b a secretary.Do writers use secretaries cause I could use five of them today.
    Happy party favors to us all yeah.
    General B.T. Hope/
    https://Hobo Univercity’s Missions for Jesus/


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