The Vision

YES! Praising Him with you, brother!

The Psalmist


High above the earth

I’m soaring

Flying through the clouds

I’m soaring

Looking down at earth below


By faith I ask the Lord

I’m hoping

That we can make a change

I’m hoping

Love will conquer all our fears

And then I see a fountain

A fountain filled with joy

Springing up all over

From within the saints of God

And then I see a river

A river filled with peace

Flowing ‘cross the landscape

Centered where the joy had been

They flowed into an ocean

An ocean labeled love

Eventually this ocean

Touched the nations all around


Could this really be

I’m wond’ring

If the saints of God can yield

I’m wond’ring

If the vision I have seen can come


The voice of God declare

I’m hearing

My son this can come true

I’m hearing

When all my children heed my word

I drop…

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