He Hears Your Prayer


The Psalmist

God sees your aching heart
And the hurt your going through
And He becomes your peace
He comes and comforts you
God sees your aches and pains
And the suffering you are in
And He becomes your healer
He builds your strength within

He hears your prayer
Even though you may not see
He hears your prayer
And He’ll meet your every need
Just have faith in His great mercy
And the answers sure to come
He hears your prayer
With His great love

God sees your doubts and fears
And the way you go through life
And He gives you His assurance
That things will turn out all right

God sees your faults and failures
And the times you all away
And He sends His grace and mercy
You can start a brand new day

He never gives up on you
Never turns away from you
Never shuts…

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