My Heart Cries Out

Do you remember . . . ? A day I will never forget,nor will Pete!

The Psalmist

I still remember when I first met Jesus

Sitting on a couch in Iowa

He came into my heart

Gave me a brand-new start

I knew that He was with me all the way

It’s been over 40 years since that day

When the burden of my sin was washed away

Since then I’ve learned to pray

And to follow in His ways

But most of all I’ve learned to praise His name

My heart cries out to praise Him

For all He’s done for me

His mercy’s overwhelming

His grace is sweet indeed

I lift my hands in worship

To Jesus Christ my King

My heart cries out to praise Him

He is my everything

Today I know He teaches me His truth

And He’s become my guiding light

I trust in Him always

I know He plans my days

I will never be out of His sight


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