Lessons From My Child Self

Depending on your faith or denomination, this might not be completely familiar, but ,I was thinking of Mom at church yesterday and recalled her telling me that as a tiny girl she would march around the house holding an upside down broom and pretend to be the crucifer at church.

So, later in the service, as we sung the Doxology and got to the words “praise Him all creatures here below” I remembered myself as a wee one singing the same words with one tiny mistake. I misunderstood and heard them say “preacher” rather than “creature” AND GOT MAD! I decided they were NOT going to tell me only PREACHERS could praise Him. I WAS GOING TO AS WELL!  lol

It should not surprise anyone that both of us have, in our own ways, felt called to forms of ministry from a very young age.





3 Responses to Lessons From My Child Self

  1. susieshy45 says:

    When we went to the Marthoma Church in India, they used the word Doxology too for the last song sung- so I was wondering which church you go to ? You are right – all of us have the right to worship God.


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