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I’m creating a FREE newsletter titled Russ Towne’s Children’s Stories and to celebrate I’m offering ONE of the following for those who subscribe to it:

FREE: Your choice of ONE of my children’s books in the Kindle eBook format.


Three for $1: Your choice of any THREE of my children’s books in the Kindle eBook format for $1.

The free newsletter will provide some or all of these in each issue:

Special Offers on my books, and perhaps those of other authors

Previews of some of the sketches and illustrations that may be featured in future books

Snippets of stories under development

Behind-the-scenes looks into my creative process

Opportunities to be a Beta Reader and see my stories before they’re released

Reviews of other children’s books I enjoyed reading (including new writers and authors.)

Interviews of other children’s authors

Subscribe Now by emailing me at I’ll need your name, email address, and the title of my book(s) you want.

With Love,

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    Thank you kindly for the reblog, Martha!

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