An Artist’s Psalm

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IMG_3532Challenged to rewrite the 23rd Psalm in the first person, Carlene Byron focused
on the beauty of God’s creation and God’s generous collaboration with all creators
who seek to embody God’s Spirit of creativity.

The Lord is my favorite artist;

I shall never cease to be amazed.

He surrounds me with beauty and splendor,

With treasures of intricate majesty and ineffable intent.

He leads me into opportunities beyond imagining;

He guides my hands as I create.

He gives wisdom to know the false from the true,

To discern the Spirit from the muse,

To shape what is pure and good and right and holy.

He has filled His world with riches beyond knowledge,

Created in every form to serve every being,

And like ripe fruit, I pluck what I need.

His creativity knows no end,

And I will rejoice in Him and His works forever.

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