Old Books . . . Old Friends

For lots of reasons, I find myself reading most books these days by ereader, yet still I adore old books and stores which feature them!  I love the sight, smell and feel of them, but there is something more!  I hear the voices of each soul who held, read, and loved the book before me.  Old books, old friends!

Digital Camera

The tattered pages

Speak of those who’ve gone before

Can you hear the whispers?

By Martha L Shaw ©2015


6 Responses to WHISPERS

  1. Laura says:

    I still read all my books the tangible way – paper, binding, etc. : ) No e-reader. I love books – whether new or old! : ) Yes, old friends.

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  2. I do use my Kindle, but holding a book in one’s hands just can’t be beat. Praying for you, Martha!

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  3. Prayers so very much appreciated!

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  4. I have been praying, Martha, and hope you are doing better these days. Blessings!


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