Keep Holding On

Hope in my pain . . .

It’s like sunshine in the rain.

I can’t see it.

I can’t feel it,

Yet I know its nearness

And that alone propels me.

I move forward

With You.

By Martha L Shaw © 2016




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One Response to Keep Holding On

  1. gardenlovepoet says:

    This poem kind of reminds me of the song “Touch of the light” By tanya chua


    Hearing, clear sky, hearing, darkness; hearing you among the sea of people; following your scent, I feel extra-safe. Even I don’t have wings, I feel I can fly.

    Those dreams, lingering on finger tips, were woven into a concerto, this unspoken understanding is like a miracle. As if there is someone guiding me, even walking with my back facing the light, I’m no longer scared.

    Because we are close to the sea, because we understand love. The sound of your laughter is coming towards me, I feel a wave of warmth.

    Cannot see the sea in front of me. Cannot see the magnificent sunshine. Sea wind is blowing at my face; in my heart is a shade of blue.

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