December 21, 2017

It is NOT miraculous

that God loves us.

The miracle is our realization of His love

and our eagerness

to return and to share it!

By Martha L Shaw – ©2017

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December 20, 2017

I heard the sweet sound of a bird

calling out from a high branch.

No answer,

he didn’t give up.

He showed no anger.

He listened . . .

he called again.

He sang.

He enjoyed his perch,

then called again

and waited some more.

He performed daily tasks while waiting.

The cycle repeated.


the right time came

and he got the Word .. .

He sang with such joy!

Love is patient.

Love never fails!

Love is eternal.

By Martha L Shaw – ©2017


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December 16, 2017

The service was coming to a close…

all was dark and silent;

but for the glow of a single candle,

much like the star on that special night.

Darkness soon changed to a joyous glow

as we all shared in the light!

Each hand held a lit candle

and each heart held the best gift of all . ..

an invitation to eternal life!

By Martha L Shaw – ©2017


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December 15, 2017

Recieving three gifts,

born in meager surroundings,

came our infant King!

By Martha L Shaw – ©2017


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December 15, 2017

Finally sunshine!

I step out into the cold and see

a rose withstood the frost!

By Martha L Shaw – ©2017


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His Garden

December 14, 2017

The gate was open.

I could feel the gentle breeze beckoning me.

I heard the choir sing.

Were they birds or angels . . .

it mattered not.

The beauty of His grace at once

brought me rest and excited me!

I stepped inside . . .

By Martha L Shaw – ©2015




December 12, 2017

The old quilt . . .

Its softness is enhanced

By age and use.

Its colors faded by the light of many days,

And its fibers show wear

Yet its beauty is all I see,

All I feel,

And all I know.

Its story is one of patience

And of time and effort.

It  contains both pain and pleasure.

The fabrics of many lives intertwined

To become one . . .

It is not one story,

But rather generations of stories

Shared by the fire,

Told over tea,

Revealed as fine thread

Wove scraps of many lives

Into something too beautiful not to share.

By Martha L Shaw – © 2013



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