Positive over negative

Be blessed by my friend’s words. The Lord and His love radiate through Lois!

Coping with Parkinson’s Disease

Instead of focusing on the negative, I am being convicted to concentrate on the positive and live into God’s call to be His hands in the world. He has a plan for my life as He does all of ours. The difficult part of that is setting aside my worries, fears, guilt,anger, regrets, self pity and doubt. And I need to understand is that not everyone is going to get it. The old adage that that you really don’t understand someone else’s life until you walk a mile in their shoes seems to be true. I need to stop expecting others to understand my life.
Many may think we are weak if we need someone to lean on. But do those people realize it takes a very strong person, in their weakness, to admit need, and for someone to lean on, to care, to be there in times of heartache…

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