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NEVER LOSE HOPE! God’s plans are ALWAYS bigger and better than our own!

Coping with Parkinson’s Disease

Tomorrow I will be graduating from a specialized physical therapy program at people with Parkinson’s disease called LSVT Big. Big is a 4 week international exercise and functional program designed to improve the patient ‘s abilities. The exercises target mobility, balance and endurance. The exercises seemed so much more difficult than I thought they would be. At the first session, I questioned whether or not I would be able to finish. Based on my abilities on the initial evaluation, I wasn’t sure at all that I could do the program. But trying to be optimistic and hopeful, I pushed forward. Premier Physical Therapy had prepared me with strengthening exercises, balance activities and endurance training.

Well ,how did I do? Did I see any area that improved? Big was phenomenal. It seemed that I made small and not so small improvements daily. Friends and acquaintances started to notice some changes and…

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