No More Daily Post?


Curious Steph

I’m bummed. I don’t always read Ben Huberman’s posts, but when I saw yesterday’s title in my feed, which included Thank You, followed by an opening line of “Saying goodbye is hard”, I had a bad feeling.

The Daily Post with its daily prompt and other cues and supports for blogs is going away. Its been around a while, over seven years. As someone who has been blogging less than a year, I find this disappointing. Once I started using the prompts last summer, I’ve become both more regular in my writing, and have developed an increasing appreciation of the opportunity provided by the appearance of a semi-random word each morning. My response to the prompt varies, ranging from a long blank space to a flood of ideas. Almost every day at least something makes it into a post. Its good exercise for me.

I’ve met other bloggers, and of…

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