take wing

Soul Kisses From My Savior

You introduced me to my heart

The day that I accepted yours.

I know now that true and lasting  joy

Was never before mine

Until that day I looked into your eyes

And found my very soul

Was looking back at me

In the pure love and grace

I saw reflected there.

You touched my hand

And led me to the place

That I’d been seeking all my life

Without ever knowing what I’d missed.

Suddenly, this secret of our love

Is one that I can no longer keep

To myself

And so I freely share it

Every chance I get.

A most amazing consequence

Is now so clear to me.

For every time I blow a kiss

You blow me two of yours!

by Martha L Shaw ©2012


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4 Responses to MY TESTIMONY

  1. Beautiful, Martha! I love this! ❤

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  2. I love this and I know that the Lord is smiling. Thank you!

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  3. Jennifer Leigh says:

    Amen. Beautiful.

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