I do not really have much of any real family – the blood kind, but still I am blessed with dear friends and treasured memories-especially of my Dad.  He would call himself “just a country boy” but to me he was so much more.  He didn’t have fancy degrees or expensive cars.  A trip, when I was little, was to go to the barber shop with him- they gave me lollipops!  A really big deal was Sunday!  Daddy loved church. He wasn’t a preacher.  He just quietly served like nobody else I have ever known!  He never met anyone who was not a friend and if anyone was in trouble, stranger or not – naughty or nice – he was there to help.  He never spoke of it, never bragged – he loved as Jesus loved.  I want to be just  like him and like Him!


Strolling at the shore

waves of blessings at high tide

You showed me the way

By Martha L Shaw – © 2015

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