June 25, 2018

Morning sunshine gently awakens.

Bird calls out softly.

Somebody’s tweet heart!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2018  Words and image


By Martha L Shaw – © 2018  Words and image


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June 24, 2018

I do not really have much of any real family – the blood kind, but still I am blessed with dear friends and treasured memories-especially of my Dad.  He would call himself “just a country boy” but to me he was so much more.  He didn’t have fancy degrees or expensive cars.  A trip, when I was little, was to go to the barber shop with him- they gave me lollipops!  A really big deal was Sunday!  Daddy loved church. He wasn’t a preacher.  He just quietly served like nobody else I have ever known!  He never met anyone who was not a friend and if anyone was in trouble, stranger or not – naughty or nice – he was there to help.  He never spoke of it, never bragged – he loved as Jesus loved.  I want to be just  like him and like Him!


Strolling at the shore

waves of blessings at high tide

You showed me the way

By Martha L Shaw – © 2015


June 23, 2018

The Ballad of Unity

Dedicated to Mother Emanual A.M.E. Church

Charleston SC

When I stand alone

I cannot hear the music

but when instead I hold your hand

the lyrical voices of freedom, hope, love and peace

make my heart soar!

By Martha L Shaw – ©  6–18-2015 Words and Image




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Oh, How He Loves Me!

June 22, 2018

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Okay, if you thought this was an article about a  romanic and passionate experience I had to share, you’ve stumbled upon the wrong blog . . .

Passionate it is, though!  I’m hearing a line from a favorite praise song in my heart and head just now.  I must say it’s delightful when my heart and head are on the same “team.”  It’s not always the way.  I was not exactly “high on life” earlier today and remarkably – rather than stew for a while and eventually think of praying, I prayed right away and then got involved in doing some things that needed doing.  Wish I could say that this Christian is just so focused on the Lord that this is simply a common occurance, but being human brings with it a host of imperfections and yup, I’ve got ’em.  Like a broken watch, though, I must say I get it right twice a day anyway . . . at least that .  . . I hope . . .

When we surrender ourselves to the Lord and say “use me . . . fill me” we’d better be ready to receive our “honey do” list fast.  He hears a willing heart and He says “sign  up!  Here’s your first job!  Go to it!”   It’s funny, but shortly after I prayed the words  I prayed, I found myself blessed not once but three times!  First with a lovely conversation with a stranger, then with finding myself say to someone “you need to let it go.  It’s not yours to worry about.  Give it to the Lord.  He’ll handle it and enable you.”  Then I heard myself telling someone else “It just takes a willing heart.  God will provide the ability.”

These things took place in under an hour from the time I felt “off” and prayed about it and are all direct answers to that prayer.  Just further proof, if any is needed, that He loves us totally and completely and He so desires us to “get close and personal” with Him. .  Our Lord does not call the enabled – He enables the called!  Thanks be to God!

Psalm 121:7-8

He keeps you from all evil and preserves your life. He keeps his eye upon you as you come and go and always guards you.


June 19, 2018

take wing

Soul Kisses From My Savior

You introduced me to my heart

The day that I accepted yours.

I know now that true and lasting  joy

Was never before mine

Until that day I looked into your eyes

And found my very soul

Was looking back at me

In the pure love and grace

I saw reflected there.

You touched my hand

And led me to the place

That I’d been seeking all my life

Without ever knowing what I’d missed.

Suddenly, this secret of our love

Is one that I can no longer keep

To myself

And so I freely share it

Every chance I get.

A most amazing consequence

Is now so clear to me.

For every time I blow a kiss

You blow me two of yours!

by Martha L Shaw ©2012


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June 19, 2018

Image result for church doors

Before we judge and

close our doors and hearts to one another,

we need to remember that

our church buildings would be empty of any but

our Triune God

were it not for

we sinners present!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2018



June 16, 2018


The Lord does not want us to run from Him in fear!  To the contrary, He desires a personal relationship with us and for us to turn to Him with everything.  We are to share the good, the bad, our BIG needs and little concerns, our joys and sorrows!  My daddy was like that.  He was my first experience of what Abba truly meant. 

  • God’s love, His grace, is a glorious free gift! 

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“He is like a father to us,

tender and sympathetic to those who reverence him.” 

Psalm 103:13 TLB

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As I lay awake on the stormy night

Wondering if sleep would come . . .

And concerned as to what

The storm might bring

A wee bit of light

Shined in the distance.

It caught my attention

Though my fear hung on

For just a moment,

For it was then that I heard the music

Of several tiny birds

Fearing nothing

And singing with thanks and hope!

Suddenly so was I!

A new day had come!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2018






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