5 Simple Things That Make Life Beautiful

Feeling God’s nearness, puppy snuggles, a sudden realizatio . . .

Motivation with Dehan

Simple Living

You’ve heard it a million times and more, that “the best things in life are for free” – and that’s no joke! As I lay in bed writing this beautiful weekend greeting for you, I’m feeling so happy and free! Most of all I’m feeling blessed!

Blessed because the soft morning breeze is caressing my skin and is making my heart dance. See, simple things are so beautiful.

So, to take you into the weekend I’m sharing with you these 5 simple things that can make your life beautiful…let’s begin!

  • Quenching your thirst 
  • Laughing until you cry
  • Watching the full moon 
  • Cuddling in the rain
  • Smelling Sunday dinner

Go ahead, add some more to the list. I’m sure that you have found beauty in some of the simple things in life, feel free to share with others.

This weekend, whatever you do, enjoy yourself. Stop thinking about the week that is…

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  1. Pete says:

    Cuddling with my new puppy

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