Whnever you have a prayer request, feel welcomed to include it in the comments so that we may support eachother in prayer.  You are welcomed to also include praise reports in the comments as well!

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An update from  Jane and Fr Bob Continued prayers please!

He had quadruple bypass surgery but is responsive so that’s good news. They are still keeping him sedated so he can get his rest. He will remain on the heart pump and ventilator for a bit longer because every time they lower the pump his heart rate plummets. Drs are watching progress to see if they will need to go back in and insert a pace maker. He has a long road to recover but he’s a fighter. Mom is holding up well just missing her “Bobby” not being home”



  1. Could you all be in prayer for my cousin, Sean? He is only 39, but has been diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. He will be undergoing chemo, and is very optimistic about beating this!

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