Beautiful! TO QUOTE Jordy “your inheritance,a dance with grace”

a dance with grace,

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This was inspired by Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt. Todays word is Masquerade.

It was also inspired by Martha Shaw’s post, The Lost. I reblogged it and encourage a visit to the post and her love full blog.

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a kind of double entendre,

anonymity’s humor,

phantoms that project

hidden desires,

masquerading intention,

playing with fire

the costumes you wear,

are they your own?

who are you without the mask?

a masked other?

would you dare to look behind the face,

layer by layer,

and peel off the mask?

expression is hallow,

your inheritance,

a dance with grace,

uncovered, manifest

© Jordis Fasheh 2018

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  1. Jordan says:

    Thank you, Martha!!❤️

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