It saddens me that some feel there is no God.  If only they knew how much He loved them.   My friend Betty had a heart of gold.  She is with the Lord now but I lovingly think of her often.  I recall a night when we were young and it was a Saturday night.  We hungered for our favorite ice cream shop.  Leaving for home, we spied a tiny broken wimged bird by the door.  Betty picked it up and exclaimed “it’s alive!”  She then handed it to me as I wondered if my hands or the tiny bird shook more!  lol  We drove all over trying to find a pet clinic and succeeded.  I still wonder if they repaired the wing.  Betty knows the answer.



Image result for BIRD LEARNS TO FLY


Feeling all alone

The tiny broken winged bird

Knew that God sent you


By Martha L Shaw – © 2018

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