SORRY FOR MY LAPSE IN APPEARING HERE.  I PRAY TO BE HEALED AND BACK AMONG YOU.  Pray for the devil to be dismissed and silenced By our collective strong love and faith in God for healing.   please be blessed by my book recently published, WHAT THE SONG BIRD TAUGHT  ME, available at BN and AMAZON,





7 Responses to I AM QUITE ILL

  1. Praying that you feel better soon, Martha! You have been missed, and I will be ordering your book.

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  2. I have cancer, thanks for your support!

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  3. Martha, will pray for you
    A dear friend lost his battle 4;00am Friday morning. God bless you

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  4. Martha, please forgive me! Somehow I didn’t see the cancer part of this when first I read. How could I have missed this??? Yes, my friend, I’m praying for total healing for you!

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  5. oneta hayes says:

    And his love is more enduring and will long outlive cancer. I pray he will give you long life after cancer. We care. One other thing, my husband is now 17 years past two cancers, one in 2000 the other 2001. It can be done!

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  6. Blootvoet says:

    Jesus, give her peace in You. Amen.

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