October 21, 2016

Direction – A Poem From My Soul

Your love fills my soul

And your peace

Is like nothing I could imagine.


This morning I woke with a start,

I stopped to think

And stumbled off the path.

My fear frozen heart beat too fast

And my mind drew me

In another direction

But not a good one.

I breathed deeply,

I called out to you,

And you showed me the map

Leading me back to you.

The peace in my soul

Softly comforted me.

I smiled

Ready for a new day

Filled with wonder,

Filled with you.

By Martha L Shaw – copyright 10-30-12


October 20, 2016

Garden of Memories

A pencil mark on the door frame . . .

A scuff mark on the floor . . .

Memories of what was,

And seeds planted

For all that is to come!

By Martha L Shaw – © 10-12-2013

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Inspirational Quote For Today

October 19, 2016

broken hearted


is not a goal;

it is a by-product.

           – Eleanor Roosevelt 


October 18, 2016


A new week begins.

Sun is peeking behind clouds.

You are here with me.

By Matha L Shaw ©10-22-2015

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©Hodgepodge 4 the Soul™ - 2015 - All Rights Reserved


By Martha L Shaw – ©  2015


October 18, 2016


Jesus, the Bread of Life

October 18, 2016

Beholding Him Ministries


John 6:32-58 (ESV)

32 Jesus then said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, it was not Moses who gave you the bread from heaven, but my Father gives you the true bread from heaven.33 For the bread of God is He who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.” 

35 Jesus said to them, “I Am the bread of life; whoever comes to Me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in Me shall never thirst.

48 I Am the Bread of Life.49 Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, and they died.50 This is the bread that comes down from heaven, so that one may eat of it and not die.51 I Am the Living Bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. And the bread that I will give for…

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October 18, 2016

Greetings friends!


I apologize  for my sudden, temporary, departure!  My area fell victim to the recent hurricane Matthew and my home suffered damage significant enough to cause extra prayers for the Lord to provide the means to obtain the needed repairs as my budget cannot.  I evacuated, so I personally was unharmed.


Life is crazy just now, but my pen and keyboard will be back in the forefront of my world soon!  Thanks for your concern and prayers!

Again, my sweet doggy and I were not injured!




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