Freedom—It’s an Inside Job

July 4, 2015

Originally posted on Another Red Letter Day:

I was out picking up bagels this morning, part of our “goin’ on a road trip” ritual. I greeted the first man I met with “happy Fourth” and he said “Happy Independence Day.”

The next one I greeted, I said “Happy Independence Day” and she replied, “Do you really think we’re independent?” Thinking about living in a country where some politically appointed folks and take our freedoms away in the blink of an eye, I replied with something lame like, “Not as much as we used to be,” and went on my way.

When I got back in my car, I was pondering how wrong that was, my comments that is. I’m free, and there’s nothing that can change that. My freedom is an inside job. Let me say that again:

My freedom is an inside job!

Jesus freed me from the inside out. I was the slave to sin…

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Freedom Found

July 3, 2015

I see the bird which flies above

but that eagle is not me.

For my freedom only came

upon my surrender to Thee.

By Martha L Shaw – ©  7–3-2015


Thank You All

July 2, 2015

Memories of You

July 2, 2015
By Martha L Shaw – ©2015

By Martha L Shaw – ©2015

Open Up

July 2, 2015


So long have I sought you in vain

when you were here all along.

I simply open the window

and feel your gentle breeze

and I am transformed.

By Martha L Shaw – ©  7–2-2015

what a view

Quiet Time

July 1, 2015

I sit in silence

as a gentle breeze refreshes me

and brings me new life.

Your love’s quiet strength

restores me like none other.

I am yours.

By Martha L Shaw – ©  7–1-2015

holding hands


June 30, 2015

Soar like the eagles!

Ultimate meaning of love.

Beautiful freedom!

By Martha L Shaw – ©  6–29-2015

freedom thoughts


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