April Rain And Poetry

April 24, 2014

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Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

Today seems like a good day to finish my submission of poems for the Haiku Society of America 2014 Members’ Anthology.  Gary Hotham is the Editor.  This link goes to the page about the anthology at their website:


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I’m also reading Spilled Milk: Haiku Destinies by Gary Hotham.  This beautiful book was published by Pinyon Publishing in 2010.  The book includes Sumi-E Watercolors by Susan E. Elliott.


As you know, Luci Shaw is a favorite poet, and I learned of Pinyon Publishing in Colorado, when I ordered her book Harvesting Fog: Poems by Luci Shaw (2010).


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The leaves of perennials are beginning to grow through last year’s fallen leaves.

Blessings, Ellen

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Faith Rises

June 30, 2013


Stormy days . . .

There have been many.

I hunger for the sun,

Yet see only clouds.

I seek rest,

Yet the whistling of the wind

And drumbeats of the rain

Form an angry orchestra against my window

And become all I hear

Until . . .

I find strength to rise

And hear the sweet sound

Of birds singing in the storm!

Loud and clear,

Sweet and triumphant!

If such tiny birds can still find

a song in their hearts to share,

then so can I!

by Martha L Shaw – © 6-30-2013


God’s Calling and Where To Find Me

May 23, 2013

So, how’s that for a title to a post?  God has a purpose in the lives of each one of us and sometimes this purpose changes throughout our lives and in different stages of our walk with Him.  In my case I think He and I have gone full circle and we are back to a calling I have known in my soul since pre-school.  I am to write.  As yet, my financial provision is still a mystery and I admit when it became clear I was to be a Christian/Spirituality themed writer and poet, my initial reaction was “But Lord I have to eat and have a roof over my head.”  He has a plan for that too and well . . . this human is sometimes accused of thinking too much, so I think He’s holding back on details to teach me more.

Funny and sometimes scary thing about walking with the Lord is that at various points the GPS doesn’t provide clear signs.  So, the choice is to pull over and park or to cruise along knowing there’s enough gas in the tank and snacks and water in the back seat and knowing He’ll not let me get too lost.  So, I’m cruising along a pretty road with lots of trees and flowers and trying to be blessed by them and not worry about His doing His part.  I’ve been looking for new ways to share my God-given gifts and ways to expand as a writer and praying about it and along with some other things He and I are working on, I am now a contributing author/writer on the following three blogs.  Please be sure to check them out if you haven’t yet.  The variety of writing and writers is wonderful and the talent is as well.  I am blessed to be a part of these sites:

Poet’s Corner 

Armor of God

The Christian Gazette

Song of the Angels

April 19, 2013


Music of the angels,

Sounds resonating

Outside my window.

Peace, joy, praise

Calms my body

And uplifts my soul.

A bark,

A tweet,

A clap of thunder.

Love of God,

Nature . . . nurture  . . .

Comes in all shapes and sizes.

He made and loves them all.

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-18-2013

Growing Pains – A Tanka

April 18, 2013

Thank you dear Jesus

For revealing to me that

This pain I’m feeling

Is not the answer to me

But merely a chance to grow.


By Martha L Shaw – © 4-17-2013

Eternal Love

April 14, 2013



I invited you inside,

Hardly wondering . . .

Not really expecting  . . .





Your love was wordless

Yet spoke volumes.

Your touch melted any lingering doubts.

My heartbeat quickened.

I cried.

I laughed.

I knew.

You moved on.

I kept pace with you

Not needing to look back

Nor  ahead . . .

not wanting to be away

In body, mind, or spirit for even a second.

Take all of me, I asked.

You took and you gave, urging me to share.

I hesitated, not wanting to lose you

Yet bursting to give

For something so amazing cannot be contained.

I gave

And suddenly realized

The more I shared,

The more I had to give . . .

I drink of you,

I pass the cup,

Knowing I will never thirst again.


By Martha L Shaw ©4-14-2013





I Surrender, Lord

April 7, 2013


The journey has been long

And the baggage I’m carrying

Seems to grow increasingly heavier

Moment by moment.

The storm clouds over my head

Cause me to carry it closer

And I become aware of the stench.

I realize I am no longer certain

What the tote contains

But it stretches larger

To contain the increasing load.

Then the handles begin to fray.

I have a choice.

To drop it

Or to strain my arms

And hug it ever more closely?

The way still seems so long

And suddenly the decision is easy

As I release my load

And take a few steps forward.

I begin to look back

Then I become aware

That the path is brighter than I’d realized

And my tired limbs . . .

Yes, my entire weary form

Suddenly floats along

Riding the gentle spring breeze.

I see flowers on the roadside

And their scent makes me smile.

I continue on, refreshed

And set free.

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-7-2013

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