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I write for Technorati.  I invite you to read my many articles with them.  To access the articles, simply type the web address into your browser or “copy and paste” it to your browser.  Thanks for your interest!   

Martha L Shaw – Partial List of Articles

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Social Media Now Popular Among Older/Adult Internet Users 

Mean Greens Dining in Cattle Country?


Heart Studies Suggest Eating Chocolate With Less Guilt?


New Beginnings – Educating Women Behind Bars


Hurricane Irene and the Stork?


HERvotes Launched To Urge Women To Vote!


West Nile Virus – Take It Seriously


A Happy Marriage = A Healthier Heart?


Window Falls – Your Child May Be At Risk


US to File Suit Against Big Banks Regarding Mortgage Lending


Flooded Wheat Fields Mean Higher Prices For Pasta


3 Out of 4 Californians Believe US is on the Wrong Track!


Flu Shots For Pregnant Women? Really?


Back-To-School Shoppers Race to the Outlet Malls


Drinking Good For Your Health, Ladies?


Halloween in Stores Already?


Not Again! Jobless Claims on the Rise!




Green Jobs – Just a Lot of Talk?


BIG PROBLEM Faced By Public Education


American Jobs Act = Small Business Growth?


Unnecessary Breast Cancer Surgery Higher Among Poor Women?


Real Estate Sales? Encouraging News!


Recession’s Impact On Child Abuse

Family Gathered at the Dinner Table = Healthy Adolescents?


Menopause and Women Who Exercise – WHAT???

Sex and the Older Woman – You Might Be Surprised!


Wow, That Bites – A Fashion Statement?

Playing Outdoors Can Be Eye Opening!

New Suicide Study – Region Makes a Difference

Serious Study About Being Funny! Really!!!

Diagnose ADHD Beginning At Age Four

2 Responses to My Technorati Articles

  1. Rob says:

    Parkinson’s Disease – New Treatment? – In your article, you note a 100 person test – can you offer info on who to contact for this?


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