Mom, gone from this world . . .

March 15, 2019

missed but never forgotten and always loved.


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My Beloved

March 14, 2019

A palm branch welcome

A donkey ride, “hosanna!!”

enroute to the tree

By Martha L Shaw ©-2015

NAILS – An Acrostic

March 13, 2019

Never had a tree so touched my heart.

Acorns, bark, leaves to rake.

It was so ordinary, almost invisible.

Lent’s reminder of my Savior’s love – His blood. . . 

Somehow the tree wasn’t just a tree anymore.

By Martha L Shaw © 2015


March 12, 2019

Mom, dressed for her first date with Dad!

Ma's first date with dad

When someone so close to us and whom we love so much is near the end, we feel their pain as they age and we would do whatever we could to see the Mom (or other loved one) as we remember them . . . even one more time.  This week marks another anniversary  of her passing.  She felt no pain in passing while asleep and just didn’t awaken this side of heaven.  She died holding hands with Jesus with a big smile on her face, just like my Grampy did.  If your morning quiet place seems to have a larger angel choir, that’s Mom.  No matter how many things she could no longer do toward the end, she was always singing and I am sure she still is!  Likely, the angels in your life are singing with her!

The last thing she and I said to each other was to smile and say “I love you!” it was a sunny spring afternoon and the birds were singing!






My Empty Hands

March 11, 2019



Everything I have seems to be slipping

Through my fingers.

Tangible is so temporary

And things I’ve always valued

Are quickly gone

From my grasp.

I moan,

I weep,

I sing.

For while my hands are empty,

My heart is full.

Your love . . .

My trust in you . . .

Intangible  . . .  real . . . true.

I have nothing

Yet I possess everything.

By Martha L Shaw – © 2013

Dance of Joy

March 10, 2019

The gleaming sunrays

just like silly little elves

scamper in the breeze!

By Martha L Shaw © 2015



March 9, 2019

The birds sing sweetly

while nearby dogs are barking.

Neither seem threatened . .


Fine feathered wisdom . . .

showing such abundant grace

I must learn their song!


By Martha L Shaw ©2015


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